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Technologies Developed and Available for Transfer :


Production of Bed-Bug Killer Solution


bed bug

Product Information

ASIPL's Bed-Bug Killer (Eco-friendly)

Speciality Chemical / Material

Liquid form - Packed in Plastic Container (1 lit.).

Information and Specifications : Solution in water. Apply by paint bush on the areas where Bed Bugs are present. No additional dilution is required. Do not spray in open air. Care should be taken while handling. Keept out of reach of childrens. Highly irretating. Avoid skin and eye contact directly. Not for intake. In case, you make a direct physical contact with this solution, wash the body part thoroughly with water. Compound not fully tested for its side-effects on humans and pets.

Invitation Price : Negotiable.

Application : For killing (unwanted) Bed-Bugs from your home.

Technology available for transfer. This technology is suitable for starting small-scale profitable business with minimum investment.