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Collection of Articles in Chemistry


Editors : Prof. Pradeep D. Lokhande and Dr. Vikas V. Gite

Forewords : Prof. D. N. Patil, Director, Academic Staff College, Pune University, Pune, India.

Published, May 2012,
A4 Size, Pages : 203, Print in Black

ISBN : 978-81-906027-7-8

Invitation Price : Rs. 300/- (Softbound Print Copy), Rs. 100/- (PDF files on CD)

* Postage and VAT charges extra.

(Only Few Copies Available in Print)

Introduction :

This book is a college of articles, research papers and presentations given by the participants during the Refresher Course in Chemistry and Biochemistry conducted at Chemistry Department, Pune University, Pune, India for teachers in Chemistry (10 - 30 May 2012).

Readership :

It is an interdisciplinary book containg different topics from Chemistry and Biochemistry. This book is a valuable source of information for teachers, scientists, graduate students, and researchers.

Contents (Authors Name in Italic) :

  1. Dimensional Analysis : Problem Solving stratergy in Stoichiometry Calculations, Abhijit P. Chavan.
  2. Nutraceuticals : An overview, M. S. Deshpande.
  3. Crystal Field Theory, Rajaram Pandurang Dhok
  4. Possibilities of utilizing the oilseed cakes for value added products : A Review, Pooja J. Doshi
  5. Advances in Polymerization, Vikas V. Gite
  6. Acid Rain, Sambhaji M. Kale
  7. Dyes, S. H. Kawade
  8. Electrophilic substitution reaction of aromatic ring like benzene, S. S. Kolekar
  9. Introduction to Asymmetric synthesis, Pravin C. Mhaske
  10. 'Sky is the Limit' - Review on recent Nobel Advancements in Chemistry, Satish D. Mitragotri
  11. Thin film deposition techniques, Rekha M. Ovhal
  12. Catalyst developments in Hydroformylation reaction, Nitin S. Pagar
  13. Determination of molecular weight of polymers, Prafulla S. Patil
  14. Importance of drug and pharmaceutical industry, P. N. Patil
  15. Polymerase Chain Reaction - A Versatile and Robust tool in Molecular Biology, Suvidya H. Ranade
  16. Novel routes for synthesis of nanostructured materials : Radiation Chemical Techniques, Geeta K. Sharma
  17. Radiation chemistry as a tool for basic and advanced research in Chemistry, Kiran Kumar K. Sharma
  18. Corrosion, R. K. Sonawane
  19. Supramolecular Chemistry - Important Concepts therein, Santosh S. Terdale
  20. Water Pollution, G. P. Waghulde
  21. Dehydrogeneration of Tetrahydrocarbazoles and its utility in Natural Products Synthesis, P. D. Lokhande, Vivek Humane
  22. How to do research in undergraduate college laboratories (?), A. N. Sonar